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Updated: Jan 23, 2018

Personal Choice, freedom of choice, we all believe that this is something we are all entitled to, its our human right after all.....isn't it? After all if I fancy pizza for my breakfast, why is it wrong? The autonomy of what we choose to do with our own body's, the skin, the aesthetics. We choose various things to change our appearance, a new lipstick, that ten ton of glitter glued to the face for a night out, new haircut, change of style with our clothes, nose job, hair extensions, fake nails, a gold grill, piercings (maybe several piercings) a little tattoo, a huge collection of tattoos, who decided the rules of acceptable appearances? You know....that line, the one no one is supposed to cross, Who invented that box that you must conform to? Why does being or thinking outside of that box mean you aren't right for societies expectations. My rambling thoughts and questions aren't just related to being heavily tattooed and modified, it relates to the realization that the brave few, with their own minds and desires to be alive in their own bodies in this world.... are becoming fewer, because the larger section of society from all over this world have fallen into those boxes, they aren't entirely happy there....but ya know, what can you do with all those expectations as a constant pressure to conform, the box ends up as the safest space, even if it is becoming over populated with greed aggression and egos. These are my thoughts from looking at the bigger picture, I will always question things that do not sit right with me.







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