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Updated: Jan 23, 2018

This is only a short ramble, but as I mentioned before, mostly what I will write about will be about my thought processes. The weekend that just passed, wasn't just about going to work at a tattoo convention, to meet new people, to offer up abilities, to possibly meet new clients, get your name out there, wanting to at least break even or do even better than that. Its a chance when I/we can come out of that safe space of the studio, that safe space that becomes your second home, where you feel the least vulnerable. Don't misunderstand what I'm saying here, coming out of your safe space, making yourself feel a bit vulnerable, is a good thing, for me I feel it is anyway. I met people face to face who I have seen on my social media and never yet had real human face to face interaction with them before. You know, real human contact. I can become quite shut away in my own head, thoughts, things I want to do, create. You can get stuck, stretching those areas of the mind feels good. Feels refreshed, I took a little travel in my head, but outside of the usual pattern of thinking, my directional obsessive thinking. Each time I stretch and push those safe boundaries a little wider, I definitely feel I did the right thing. It was a good weekend.







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