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Updated: Jan 23, 2018

My colleague and friend Meela asked me the other day, what were my thoughts about the last year. I've had a shit ton, I think my year has been full of life, both amazing and difficult. I have certainly learned that life doesn't bring you only the great stuff but in equal measures of hard work, you can find that balance by holding onto the positives, embrace the love from those most important while that difficult stuff floats past, even when it absolutely fucking sucks ass at the time. Keep right away from that negative bullshit, you know the stuff you keep thinking to yourself to remove from your existence but for some reason still hold onto it. Can you really face another year of time wasting? Having a few (forced) days away from work over the Christmas period and with a day on my own today, it's given me the chance to have a little think about what Meela asked me. You know what, overall its been pretty fucking good, there has been some shit but I have met some incredible new customers and also friends over the last year, some are, what I guess you might say, were big creative inspirations to me, they still are. I have listened to some wonderful fascinating life stories and experiences, I have felt that heart warming feeling of being part of something that is held very precious to someone, I have been given trust and creative freedom, I have begun new journeys of exciting creative projects, I have been able to admire the inner strength and determination of others, those who are close to me and those who get tattooed, I have working relationships that have grown and bonded, new opportunities have been placed in my hands giving me the space to grow. I am excited for those explorations. I think I've pretty much found my reply to Meela's question, its a been a full on year of growth and foundations being prepped for whatever lies ahead in 2018. I hope the new year that is lying imminently ahead for everyone, will bring you all everything that you NEED.







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