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Updated: Aug 31, 2020

From the first time I went to Thailand, I was fascinated with Traditional Bamboo Tattooing; and that didn't change the second time I went back, I think if anything, the fascination grew more. (The first time it was my face, second time was my face again) There is something so intriguing about the entire process, from watching the needles being formed into the right shape setting, how gently the skin is being tattooed, watching the permanent markings come life. In this moment, I was reliving my fascination with tattooing before I learnt to tattoo, feeling those feelings of instant love for something that just felt magical. You know, a sponge moment, soaking it all up, my brain being pulled further and further into the whole moment, thinking, processing, imagining. You see this photo above all of this nonsense that I write? This was a raw moment, there was no power running through here for most of the day, no noise, only the sounds of the wild life, it was rainy, no convenient WiFi access (fuck you internet I can live without you) the generator that distributed power to this area where we stayed only worked for part of the day and night. (Trust me, we ALL NEED the internet to shut down and fuck right off for a bit sometimes) Now don't misunderstand me, I was also sitting there, thinking at the same time in my wowed little mind, at all the things going on in that tattoo session, that were way far away from how I would set up and tattoo. With everyone I met and became good friends with in Thailand who were Tattooists working in studios, there was no hesitancy in wanting to show me how to do bamboo tattoos, just encouragement and belief, showing me how to form and set the needles, my friends Chang and William (not the guys in the photo) gave me a gift of needles and a bamboo stick to bring home. I believe there will be a forever love for this style of tattooing.







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