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During our recent trip over to Spain, I had planned to definitely go and visit a friends studio where he worked and if the possibility arose, to also tattoo while visiting. I didn't get to tattoo while there, but the beautiful social connection made, was in my opinion just as fulfilling as if I had tattooed there.

The visit to Bilbao's Tattoo Adicts studio, was fantastic, from the first welcome, to their smiles, the conversation flowed and the warmth that I felt was both wonderfully heart holding and immense. To be told upon your first moment of arrival that the studio also your home too, moved me deeply.

This was indeed one of the many amazing highlights of our time away. I really hope that in the future I can have the enjoyment of bringing some work to their beautiful studio and contribute to such a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

The fact that I had no bookings to bring to the studio was not of the hugest concern for me. I realised that what I actually needed was what was going to happen and the decision was taken out of my fucking hands; that was to take a rest, de-fragment my mind, take a step back from that working I would come back yeah, actually fully rested, I felt that I had lost a vast amount of passion for tattooing in the months that ensued my walking away from Divine Canvas.

It was a very difficult decision that was fraught of huge emotional attachment to such an incredible studio space and to those I worked with and to those I got to know so well.

I did continue straight on with working, not only did I need to...but I needed to be around...actually perhaps the right way for me to word this here is...I needed to be in a place where I felt held mentally by other tattooists, who now, feel like I've known them all my life. I'm incredibly grateful for the space I was given and the love I was shown.

I'm not sure they'll ever fully know, but I have a hugest amount of love and respect for Steve, Karena and Alice. Thank you for the metaphorical holding.

I'm hoping that with this new de-fragged brain, more of the dreams I have in my thoughts will come to fruition...

A very close friend said to me yesterday about something we were discussing:

"Fuck it! Do it all!"

I like this approach.







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