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Updated: Jan 23, 2018

My friend and colleague took this photo, during Mario's tattoo sitting with me, I found it quite interesting to see the two different journeys that was happening here, it also, I felt represented an important part of the tattooing process that happens between the client and the tattooer. We have great in-depth conversations before our session, he is a very cool guy with amazing stories, it feels like a wonderful ritual before beginning the hours ahead for him of being vulnerable yet strong at the same time, being mentally supported to reach as far as possible into that zone of self evolvement.

It is tough being tattooed, whether its your first or you are a seasoned soul, choosing to push yourself to your limits, new or well traveled, every time we begin and those first 20 minutes of discomfort, we all find ourselves wondering 'why do I do this to myself' even tattooers go through this adjustment of senses and search of stamina to get ourselves through, I know I have found sessions particularly painful and exhausting. But we know, we all know, once we've climbed those mental and physical hurdles, gained new levels of endurance, we have grown closer to ourselves, stepped inside to visit our own core rather than outwards focused on anything but our real selves and learned how to be trusting in another human. I think the world could do with each person connecting a bit deeper with themselves.







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