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When I look at completed work, I remember every step of that journey that we took together, each section of this sleeve has its own special memory. For the client, sometimes the sessions were a breeze and some felt a bit more difficult.

With projects like this, it mostly begins with the desire of a visual realisation, but when we get tattooed, we often find out about ourselves a little bit more and discover another version of ourselves at the end. I know from being tattooed myself and the commitment I chose to embark on with another artist has shown me this.

For many clients, the personal reasons of getting tattooed are all individual and unique, but there are the unspoken and unexpected rewards we all experience during the physical process of attaining our desired tattoo. Sometimes the self confidence has grown, the self love and the self appreciation for all that we are inside begins to blossom and everyday it grows a little bit more brightly. For me to have the privilege to be a part of those memories, life experiences and growth fills my heart with joy. I have such immense gratitude to you all. I too grow with you. Come take a journey with me.






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