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Custom Tattoos created with Love

London, Uk

Deity Tattoo London (UK) is a female-owned and operated studio offering custom geometric and dotwork.  Our tattoo artists provide an unhurried and relaxed experience within a uniquely safe, inclusive and tranquil private tattoo studio.  By appointment only.


We specialise in dotwork, geometric, blackwork, ornamental and handpoke tattoos, if this is the style of tattooing you are looking for then do please get in touch, we would love to hear from you.


The studio is based in central London, a hygienic, tranquil and health authority licensed space.

About Me

Welcome, my name is Rhea (previously known as Angel in case you have been recommended to me by my previous name).  I am a licensed tattoo artist, specialising in custom created dotwork and geometric tattoos based in London.  My other styles of tattooing are ornamental and black work.  All of these styles bring absolute joy to my heart, hopefully yours too, which might be why you are here.


All of my created tattoo designs are custom pieces for their wearer, which is you, the deity. 


I believe that the working relationship between both you and I are of great importance, it's vital to the whole process that we are both comfortable with each other, the experience of being tattooed is a lasting one as is the tattoo itself.


I will strive to help you to bring to reality the tattoo ideas you have in your minds vision by allowing me a creative freedom with your design.


The studio I have created is a wonderfully calm space and a completely private environment, there are no there are no other clients walking in and out of the studio, no distractions of noise from other peoples conversations, leaving you free to totally relax and completely lose yourself fully into that transitional zone of where being tattooed takes you.  On occasion there may be a visiting tattoo artist working in the studio at the same time as myself. 

The studio is a safe and inclusive space for everyone; and will always be. 

I'm more than happy to meet for a no obligation consultation, there is no charge for a consultation these can usually take up to an hour if the intended project needs several sessions and there is no expectation from you when we do meet.  We may not be the right 'fit' to work together, this is always something that should be considered, particularly if we are to work on large scale tattoo projects.  

Do head over to my galleries to take a look at my latest completed pieces of work, there are also images of pieces that are currently in progress, I think its good to show these stages and not only the full completed project. You also have the option to follow me on my social media pages if this is something you enjoy.

I have a mailing list for news of where I may be travelling to, for either conventions or guest spots, these may be in the UK or overseas.  merchandise launches and also last minute appointments that become available. 

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