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Follow your dreams; why I made my tattoo studio

I had spent five years sitting on one of mine. Why you might ask? I guess the only way I can explain the reason for sitting on it and not stepping towards at least trying to make it a reality, was mostly based on feelings of unworthiness, not being able to acknowledge that I had something that was a part of my soul that would be welcomed as a physical presence, that I was worthy of taking on a huge responsibility and being more visible by way of saying; 'I have made this and I hope you like it'. Really putting myself out there, to be seen as opposed to hiding in shadows. Does that make sense? I feel like we all struggle with some matters around feeling worthy and/or feeling 'deserving' in some way. I'm not saying I have conquered this little bumpy path of feelings, but I think acknowledging it is probably half the battle won? I'm not so sure the overthinking will ever die off but that might be just how I am made.

For me, this space that I created, has so many layers connected to it, particularly from a personal journey of mine that eventually shoved me forward and showed me that I should try not being scared just for a moment and see what happens. If I fail at least I tried rather than never knowing and always wondering. I felt encouraged to put on my big girl pants and to believe in me for a bit and that it really was ok for me to do that. Every experience in your life will feed into every decision you make, there's no getting round that one and mine have absolutely hammered a lot of mine. Anyway, I digress.

A feeling of safety is something I believe every human looks for, I feel that it is the baseline we hold in our heads when we are soaking in the data of whatever endeavour we are about to begin or find ourselves in the middle of. Whether its when being tattooed, heading out in your car somewhere, nights out with friends, walking along the street, travelling by yourself, pretty sure you can attach this requirement to something you might be holding in your head. The enveloping embrace of feeling safe and the freedom that comes with that, brings an extension to so many other wonderful little life experiences that we might otherwise miss out on.

The tattoo studio I created was built with this baseline in mind; creating visuals to promote relaxation, colours to enhance positivity, lower lighting to reduce the pressure that bright harsh lights can bring, the feeling of calm and of peacefulness as soon as you step inside and close the door behind you, is mentioned often by clients when they arrive for the first time and experience the space. You forget that the chaotic world outside of these walls exist and for those hours you spend inside the studio, my aim is for you to leave feeling as though you had some respite from the noise and the pressures of everyday life, to have some time to reconnect with yourself.

I really wanted all that would come here, from the clients to the visiting Tattooists to feel this when they are in there. So far what my heart and soul wanted to create and bring to those who choose to spend time here is happening, I feel shyly proud of bringing this to life and grateful for the journey that got me here eventually.


Best wishes,



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