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I’ve been thinking about this subject for a little while, I’m not sure if someone else has written about this recently but I feel it’s such an important part of the process that this needs to be discussed more.The working relationship between the client and their tattooer starts from the moment they chose that artist, make contact and decide to go ahead with their tattoo and book in.As Tattooer’s we meet so many different people all with unique personalities, likes, dislikes, different reasons for getting tattooed.Sometimes it’s part of a persons healing process, sometimes it’s just simply because they like tattoos, whatever the reasons are that bring someone onto the tattooists couch they are personal and in all their entirety extremely special.As Tattooer’s/Tattooists (the artist’s preference here is what you’d go with) we are all highly aware of these factors, we are prepared for this, we respect this, we know from our own continue

d tattoo experiences how important all of the above is.Every artist has a process with their work and their way of working. There is so much more that we juggle and are aware of that we take into account with regards to our work and what is involved

 in every single clients tattoo design, we are forever looking at how we can give you the best design, we want you to be happy, we create with our hearts, we will be working on them even when you are sleeping, our lives are immersed in this craft we have chosen, we are committed with every single part of ourselves. It’s not only a job for us, it’s part of who we are.One of the most important things we ask back from you in return for every ounce of our soul, back pain and little participation in outside life, (asides from actually showing up for your appointment) is that you trust the process, don’t ask us to give our all and also expect to be in control of our processes. Realise that these are our processes and they are the very same ones that created the tattoos that brought you to us in the first place. Trust us as artists/creatives, respect how we work, all of us in all of our own unique ways.



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